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More than 1000 software products purport to manage Web content.
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The CMSWatch "Top 40".

To make your life easier, we list only 40 of them, divided into 7 categories. These are not the "best" CMS tools, simply -- in our judgement -- the most significant. The list changes from time to time, but never exceeds 40 vendors/products. You can find a longer discussion of these categories along with surveys of the 25 products identified with asterisks in The CMS Report.

Stellent - Stellent Content Management Suite
Vignette - VCM 7.3
Documentum (EMC) - Web Publisher 5.2
FileNET - P8 WCM
Interwoven - TeamSite 6.5

Upper Tier

These vendors target large departments and corporations, and their products tend to focus more narrowly on web content management. Expect base licensing of $US 125-175k for most implementations.

Mid-Market Mainstream

These packages target mid-market firms or enterprise departments. They typically carry $40-100k licensing fees, and usually trade off ease-of-implementation for fewer integration facilities

Mid-Market Challengers

Although lower priced (typically $15k to $40k), these packages begin to offer customization opportunities and XML support.


These products target relatively straightforward Web CMS requirements, in the $3,000 to $12k range.

Hosted Services

These are hosted CMS packages. For functionality and price, they tend to fall into mid-market range.

Open Source

The packages are available under open-source licensing terms and frequently bundle portal and community functions with the CMS.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) richt zich vooral op het organiseren en beheren van ongestructureerde bedrijfsinformatie. ECM-systemen dragen zorg voor een eenduidige en integrale afhandeling van creatie, verrijking, opslag, productie en distributie van ongestructureerde content (bijvoorbeeld documenten, e-mail, beeld en geluid).


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