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Ebooks are electronic books which can be downloaded from any website or FTP site on the Internet. Ebooks are made using special software and can include a wide variety of media such as HTML, graphics, Flash animation and video.

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Marketing with ebooks

As a rule of thumb you should remember that almost anything that can be displayed or listened to on the Internet can be packaged into an ebook. This means that an ebook can be interactive and can be very visually pleasing. This can be done without worrying about download times as once the ebook is downloaded the first time all the media and associated files are stored on the users computer

What's also great about ebooks is the fact they can be updated with the click of a button so the user always has the most current version on his or her desktop.

Marketing with ebooks.

Using ebooks when marketing and promoting your site or affiliate program can be a very powerful method, especially with free ebooks. Let's say you wrote an ebook on your subject and offered it free on your website, people love free things and especially love free information about a topic they're interested in so they will download it.

Included in your ebook you're going to have links back to your website, product or affiliate program, since the ebook is on the users computer they'll have permanent access to it, if it's a good ebook with lots of information and one that you regularly update they'll use your ebook again and again constantly seeing a link or banner which directs them to your site. The more of your website visitors that download your free ebook the more free exposure and repeat visitors you'll get.

The real power behind ebook marketing however is the viral aspect of it. Imagine that you post a little message inside your ebook and on your website saying that other webmasters can give away the free ebook too on their sites, they'll love this as it'll attract visitors and add value to their sites. Again the more times their visitors download it the more exposure and free traffic you'll get. There are also lots of ebook directories on the Internet where you can list your free ebook, so it's not unusual for a good ebook full of information to be downloaded 10,000 times. This means every time one of the users read it they'll think of your website and see your banner or link. Using ebooks truly is a great way to get lots of free traffic in a short amount of time and to constantly have your message in front of lots of people.

1 Internet business.

An ebooks business is the number one Internet business to run. You may have heard this before but that's because it's so true. It's based on the fact that the Internet is and always has been the information superhighway and the main reason people use the Internet is for information. With today being the age of information everyone wants ebooks, articles, newsletters and information of any kind which will help them somehow and make their life easier.

With information in such heavy demand you'd think that there has to be a business opportunity at hand and you'd be right. Have a look at the figures below which show what kind of products people buy online just to confirm this to yourself. They come from a study of 28 million purchases completed during 1999.

a) Software (4.0 million)
b) Clothing (4.5 million)
c) Computers (5.4 million)
d) CD's and Videos (7.2 million)
e) Books and Information (9.2 million)

There you have it, 9.2 million people bought books and information products. Information is exactly what ebooks allow you to provide and they allow you to provide it so easily and at almost no cost. Let's take a look at why selling ebooks is the number one Internet business.

Selling ebooks has no on going overheads.

Once your ebook is published you're free from all overheads, you don't have to pay shipping or handling charges which are associated with regular books. You don't have to pay to have it printed. Even if you sell 500,000 ebooks the cost to you is nothing. It's all pure profit.

Ebooks allow for instant gratification.

Ebooks allow a potential buyer to have the information within minutes of ordering either by email or direct download, this hugely increases sales due to the impulse buying factor.

Ebooks allow you to create long term profits.

Ebooks are great long term profit generators too as they all have your link in them, this encourages users of them to revisit and purchase other products that you sell.

With ebooks you can have a totally automated business.

Selling ebooks allows you to make money from a totally automated business, this is because ebooks are digital products so you don't have to do anything. Simply leave the customer to place the order and have the ebook emailed to him or her automatically without any work on your part. You can make money in your sleep.

Update your information with ebook products easily.

Ebooks allow you to update easily so the customer can always have the latest version on his or her computer. They'll be very grateful to you for this and will be more likely to buy other products from you. You should by now realize that it is in fact true that ebooks do offer you the opportunity for creating the number one business on the Internet. Just in case you're still a bit undecided let's answer the question, how much money can be made with an ebooks business? The answer is a fortune. Just imagine selling say 3,000 copies of your ebook each of which cost the buyer $49.95. That's almost $150,000 you made for doing nothing and you get to keep every penny.

You might think 3,000 is a large figure but it's not and is easily achievable. You'd have to sell only eight ebooks a day to make this figure a reality and make the $150,000 a reality too. An ebook business simply is the easiest and most-profitable Internet business going

Your own ezine.

As a webmaster, running your own free Ezine (also known as a newsletter) can bring huge benefits to your website and help increase your profits. You have seen them all over the Internet, nearly all sites related to marketing offer them to their visitors. The popularity of these Ezines is based on the need for information. The number one reason people are online is because they want and need information and that's exactly what Ezines provide. Ezines are mostly delivered via email, some however are delivered as HTML pages. Ezines which are delivered as HTML pages still utilize email though as the webmaster will email subscribers notifying them that a new issue is ready.

There are many advantages of starting your own Ezine, however Ezines do require a bit of work to get started and maintain so they may not be for everyone. Let's go through a few of them advantages now. There a two main advantages. These include being able to maintain regular contact with your website visitors and being able to build a relationship with them also. Ezines allow you to maintain regular contact with your website visitors. This is vital to your success because rarely do people buy on their first visit, in fact most people usually have to be exposed to an offer up to seven times before they'll buy from you. Your Ezine allows you to keep the connection with your sites visitors and also allows you to remind them you're there so that the can revisit and maybe after the 6th or 7th time at your website they will buy.

They don't have to visit your site for your sales messages as Ezines give you the excuse to send potential customers another and another and another email packed with articles, tutorials and information. Each edition of your Ezine will of course include your sales message. Ezines are great for building trust and relationships online. If your Ezine provides regular quality content which your subscribers can really use they'll begin to trust your opinion and will also begin to feel that they know you. This is important as you must develop relationships to make real money from your website.

The other often overlooked advantage of having an Ezine is the income it can generate, not from selling your products and services which we've already discussed above but from selling advertising space in it. You do however need a medium to large subscriber base before other businesses will be interested in advertising within your publication but this is not that hard to achieve, especially if your Ezine is regularly full of quality content. You can earn a few hundred dollars every month just from ads if you play your cards rights.

Disadvantages of running your own Ezine include the amount of work involved. While publishing an Ezine you've to regularly write a lot of quality content before your next edition comes out (usually every week) and this isn't always easy. In fact it's never easy, the next thing that adds to your work load when it comes to Ezines is maintaining your email addresses, many people change their emails addresses and even more enter in the wrong email address on your sign up form, it's your job to get rid of the bad addresses and keep the good ones.

You can of course get software to automate the maintaince of your email list, there are also lots of online services which you can use to maintain your list too. Certain software can automatically unsubscribe and subscribe different email address as well as do other things, this will significantly cut down on your workload. The content part can't however be automated, it takes time to create quality content and there is no way around this. Now for a little summary, you need an Ezine if you sell products or services on your website, without one you'll be losing touch with hundreds if not thousands of potential customers which could in turn make or break your business.

Getting subscribers to your ezine or newsletter.

The amount of people subscribed to your ezine has a direct affect on how much money you can make with it either directly through advertising or indirectly through you mentioning and recommending your product in it, so you'll always want to have the biggest subscriber base possible. This article will try and educate you on the different methods which you can imply to increase your subscriber numbers. There are many different ways of getting subscribers to your ezine. Obviously the first place you should start is on your website, doing this can get you an immediate flow of subscribers. You should advertise your Ezine and place a sign-up box on every page of your site. Always use the sign-up box instead of a simple email link when you can because the results are far better. The top of the page is a better place for your sign-up box as it gets more exposure but the bottom is still good. Always include a privacy statement telling people exactly how you're going to use their email address and how you'll keep it private, with all the talk about spam nowadays this is bound to reassure them, which in turn will increase the number of new subscribers.

Offer an incentive to your visitors, you should whenever possible offer them a free gift if they subscribe such as a free report or ebook. There are hundreds of free ebooks which you can give away in this way. You're bound to increase your sign-ups by doing this provided you offer them something related to your sites theme. Next you want to be submitting your Ezine to all the Ezine directories you can find, there are plenty of them on the Internet and some of them get really big traffic every month and should help tremendously with getting new subscribers.

Include details of your Ezine in your signature file, this is the little bit of text that you attach to messages you post on the Internet and to the emails you send to people. You then can promote your Ezine through your signature when you post in email discussion lists. Email discussion lists are great ways of communicating with people who have similar interests as the topic of your Ezine. Similar mediums to email discussion lists are newsgroups and online discussion forums, remember that you can't advertise your Ezine directly in any of these mediums but having a little mention in your signature is perfectly alright, in most cases anyhow.

The amount of subscribers you get through your signature file will depend on the quality of your post, if you post an interesting and useful article people will think that your Ezine will also be useful. Another technique is called Ad swapping. Ad swapping is a very effective way of getting subscribers. You want to find other publishers with ezines similar to yours and trade ads with them. You run their ad and they will run yours. Within these ads both of you will plug your own ezines and direct people to a URL or email address where they can subscribe. You should swap ads with publishers no matter how many subscribers they have (within reason). Here's a few emails to get you started, alternatively you could do a search for your keywords and visit a few of the sites returned to see if they have newsletters, if they do you can contact them and ask them to swap ads with you.


Another method of 'swapping' would be to have the other webmaster recommend your newsletter when they confirm to a person that he or she has successfully subscribed and you in turn could do the same for him, it's a win-win situation. Using as many of the techniques described in this article as possible should result in your subscriber base growing on a continuous basis. Beware however that to get really big numbers reading your ezine you'll need quality content and lots of patience

Advertising in ezines.

Advertising in Ezines has to be one of the best mediums for advertising your product, free ebook or website. If you want to reach an audience which is highly targeted and cost effective then advertising in Ezines is the way to go. You can never be accused of spamming as all the recipients have subscribed to the ezine. Advertising in Ezines is a great way of launching a product. Imagine you've just written an ebook that sells for $19.99, you can easily have the profits rolling within a two or three day period by purchasing an ad in a targeted Ezine with 100,000 subscribers. If your ad is any way good you could sell a couple of hundred ebooks, that's a great return for an ad that would cost about $250-$500, maybe less. Ezine ads come highly recommended by all the top marketing professionals.

Among the main advantages of advertising in Ezines are:

Ezines provide a highly targeted audience
There are so many Ezines out there covering so many different topics that it's easy to find highly targeted ones to advertise in. If you've matched the Ezine to the product you're selling, you've reached your target audience to a tee. Not only can you reach your target audience, you reach them by the thousands and you should know that the more you target the better response you get, that's why Ezine ads will nearly always bring good results. You could receive tens and maybe hundreds of enquires about your product or service.

Ezines provide free exposure
Almost all Ezines are archived, thousands of people read these archives, your ad will be seen by these people at no extra cost, which can bring in exposure and extra sales on a long term basis.

Test your ads immediately
Ezines allow you to test different ads almost immediately, if an ad works multiply that ad across the web for massive profit. With offline publications you usually have to wait 90 to120 days before you can receive any feedback on your ad.

Readers trust the Ezine publishers
Ezine publishers have developed a trust between themselves and their readers. Just by placing your ad in an Ezine it's more likely to be read because it appears in a publication they like and trust. It works even better when the publisher or editor adds a personal endorsement. All this equals more sales for you.

With Ezine advertising the competition is less fierce
Ezines offer a level playing field for advertisers. In Ezines every advertiser works within the same set of rules so the odds of your success are much greater. The best ad writers make the most money in Ezines regardless of ad production costs. Most quality Ezines have five or so ads at the most whereas offline publications could have up to a hundred, even then the advertiser with the biggest budget and therefore biggest ad always wins.

Ezines are very cost effective
Ezine advertising is not only effective it's cheap as well. A 5 line ad in an ezine that goes to 3000 people will cost you between $5 and $25 per issue. Very little risk is involved as you should always at least break even. It's for the above reasons that I highly recommed you look into advertising your products and services in Ezines.

Writing for publicity

Building your reputation online is one of the most important things you can do to aid the success of your Internet business. One of the most popular ways among the top Internet gurus to do this is to provide highly useful, interesting and profitable information to people interested in your industry. When people see you as a provider of good information that they can use and profit from then your reputation and the reputation of your company becomes more credible. When this happens people will be more likely to buy your products and services or indeed the products or services you recommend them.

One of the best and fastest ways to get the name of your company and your own name spread on the web is to begin writing articles for other ezines and websites or indeed just submit previously written articles to them. If your articles are of good quality and informative then ezine and website publishers will be interested in them and your work could end up being published in endless ezine editions and hundreds of websites. Not only will this increase your credibility but it could also result in 1000's more visitors, this is because at the end of all your articles which you allow others to publish will be a link back to your site. Don't forget also that if lots of your articles are published on websites then your link popularity will improve drastically. This in turn will result in higher search engine rankings in Google and the other engines which use link popularity as a ranking factor, this of course means lots more visitors and profit.

Take AKA Marketing.com for example, we're only a new site, might be news to some of you but we are. We launched in late April (02) if I remember correctly. We've already had articles published in two of the most popular ezines available for webmasters on the Internet. These are Webpronews and Sitepronews. Our Yahoo submitting tips article was published in Webpronews and our Banner design tips article was published in Sitepronews a week or so later. Update - This article has since been published in Webpronews. These publications have a lot of subscribers, easily well over a million between them. For our troubles we received a couple of thousand free visitors over the day of publication and for a couple of days after the original publication. All we did was send in two articles which were already published for all our regular visitors to view and read on www.akamarketing.com. Hopefully with the above example in mind you can begin to realize the power of writing and distributing articles for others to use over the web. Hence this article is your guide to getting published on the web.

First of all you've got to make sure your article is properly formatted. By this I mean readable, if it's not readable then it doesn't matter how good your article is because no busy ezine publisher will bother to format it for you, that's your job. Before we continue I've to admit that I have fallen down on this point. Recently I submitted to article_annouce a Yahoo group for you guessed it announcing your article to ezine publishers and other people looking for content. Article_annouce is the biggest group of its kind on the web with over 2000 members. Unfortunately Shelley Lowery the group moderator emailed me a while later saying my Yahoo submitting tips article was rejected. It turns out that the copy I sent to her was unformatted and all over the place. This is the same informative article that Webpronews editors felt was good enough to send out to over 800,000 subscribers, so it was a good article. However it wasn't formatted so it wasn't accepted and nobody in that group got to see it, that time anyway (it was accepted a few days later).

The correct way to format your articles is to hit the carriage return button or enter button on your keyboard every 65 characters including spaces. It's recommended that you do this using Notepad as MS Word and other word processors aren't good at this sort of thing. I found this a pain in the butt, I knew it was essential to getting my articles published though but I thought that there must be a quicker way and guess what there is. Only users of MS Outlook and MS Outlook express might be able to do this. I'm guessing other programs have this capability too but I only have the two Microsoft programs mentioned above installed on my machine so I can't say. Anyway if you want to properly format your articles to the 65 characters a line standard without manually counting and pressing enter after every 65 characters you can.

Simply startup whichever of the above programs you use for email then go to tools then options. The two programs differ from here. In Outlook Express next go to the Send tab and select Plain text as the mail sending format and then click on "Plain text settings". You should now set the number to 65 in the "Automatically wrap text..." section. In Outlook go the Mail format tab and select "Plain text" as the format and then go to settings, again select 65 here. You now have your email program configured to hit enter every 65 characters whenever you send email. You can leave it at that and just send your articles via your email program, lots of free content sites however only offer forms to people who want to submit articles. They'll still want all articles formatted, what do you do then? Well I usually send my articles to myself, yes I simply copy them from my site and email them to myself, a couple of seconds later they arrive at the same account I sent them from. This time however they're formatted and by using message rules are put straight into a special folder all ready for me to copy and paste into any Internet form as I require.


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