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Autoresponders are just that, they're programs set up to automatically respond with an designated email when a blank email is sent to a certain email address.

door: David Callan

What are Autoresponders?

Have you ever seen something like this.

For a Free Guide to? send a blank email to

That email address is the address of an Autoresponder and when someone sends an email to an Autoresponder they receive a pre-written email message back with information that is setup for that particular address immediately within seconds. In this case the information would be a free guide.

Basically Autoresponders are "email on demand" bots which make your information available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and believe me when I say they can dramatically increase your sales without any work because they can. Autoresponders are very important tools when you need to automate your Internet marketing efforts. You can easily process over 50,000+ requests daily without any effort on your part!

They're used mainly for three things: Sales Letters
Customer Support
Email gathering

Autoresponders are great for sales letters. Suppose you post to a couple of forums and newsgroups, within your posts you can offer a free report about your industry and included in that report you could have a sales letter. You then post the email address of the appropriate Autoresponder and tell people to send a blank email to it for the free report and within seconds the user could be reading the report and your sales letter. You don't have to do anything.

Number two is particularly relevant to very busy sites which get a lot of support related questions, many of them similar. Autoresponders allow you to set up predefined answers to the most likely questions about your company or products and services. Using Autoresponders like this can cut up to 70% of your customer service requirements. Imagine if you run a hosting company and people wanted to know how to set up a CGI script, you simply direct them to an Autoresponder with lots of information and details as to how to do this. This way real life people won't have to do it, they could spend their time doing something more productive like marketing and promoting their site.

The true beauty of Autoresponders however is that they capture the email addresses of people who have requested information from them allowing you the Internet marketer to follow up with those prospects. You'll be able to retrieve these addresses from your Autoresponder log. Certain Autoresponders can even be set up to email these people at designated times of the year, the power in this feature of Autoresponders is the ability to resell your products to past customers perhaps after their subscription has expired or after their product has run low.

Autoresponders are truly amazing marketing tools which even the smallest of companies can use. With them you can automate your marketing campaigns and connect with your customers and potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this in turn will help you sell more.

What to look for in an Autoresponder service.

In this article I'll go through some of the features and factors of choosing an Autoresponder service. First off you'll want unlimited hits. Autoresponders were designed to process and send large amounts of data easily and quickly, this they do but if you've to pay each time someone requests information from your Autoresponders you'll find it hard to break even, never mind make a profit. This means that choosing a service with unlimited hits is a must.

A good Autoresponder service will allow you to view how many times each of your Autoresponders have been requested. This way you'll be able to track your advertising effectiveness. If something works and results in a lot of requests then you can multiply your efforts across the web for more success. Any decent Autoresponder service should allow you to alter all of your Autoresponders unlimited times at no extra charge, this is essential as you'll want to test different sales letters and subject lines. You'll also want to keep visitors up to date with your company. How can you do this if you can't change your Autoresponder? Therefore always be sure that the service you go with lets you change the information often without an additional fee.

Your chosen Autoresponder service should allow you to send out messages at specified times. This is vital as research has shown that a prospect usually has to be exposed to a product up to seven times before buying. This will enable your Autoresponder to turn what would have been just one quick visit to your website into seven exposures of your site and indeed your products. Make sure that without a doubt the service you use allows your Autoresponders to be an unlimited text length. It's been proven that long sales letters work just as well if not better than shorter ones, if your Autoresponder only allows you to send a letter of specific length you could be forced to change a winning sales letter, which can affect you profits seriously and nobody wants that.

One of the great things that Autoresponders can do is to capture the email addresses of people who've requested information from them. Not all services however will provide you with this information, but you need this because it's vital for following up your original offer and indeed making that initial offer too so always make sure you get access to your Autoresponder logs in order for you to get this information. Finally you've to consider the cost of your Autoresponder service. If you think a service is charging too much then they probably are and you'll want to find another service quick before your profits are gradually washed away.

One final note before we end, you may have seen some sites offering free Autoresponders which seem to have most of the above features, however don't be fooled. These services are ad supported meaning that other peoples ads will be put into your Autoresponder leaving you looking very unprofessional. If your company appears unprofessional people are far less likely to buy. It's a fact.


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